End of Warranty Inspections: This include the inspection of new homes that are generally less than one year old. 
These house have a builder's warranty that last for a one year period. 
An inspection is helpful before the warranty runs out so that the problematic issues can be addressed by the builder before it is too late. 

New Home Warranty Inspection

Many new-home owner's are now having their homes inspected one or two months prior to the expiration of their builder’s home warranty (usually 12 months).  This type of inspection may identify conditions that will lead to future problems.  In most cases the inspection will point out existing conditions or concerns that may be covered under the original builder’s warranty and will allow the owners to have these conditions repaired at little or no cost. 

Homeowners' Bill of Rights at Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings HADD


When consumers buy a new home or contract for additions and/or remodeling of an existing home: They have the right to safe and sound, quality construction.
They have the right to expect that their new home and/or any home improvements are built in compliance with all existing local, state, and federal building codes and ordinances.
They have the right to expect that only quality, performance-proven building products are used in their homes and that all such products are installed in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
They have the right to expect that the architect's and engineer's designs are completely and accurately followed.
They have the right to expect that the home will not leak or breed toxic mold(s), is structurally sound, and that all mechanical systems and structural components will perform properly.
They have the right to receive, in a timely manner prior to signing a sales contract and/or closing documents, complete information regarding their purchase contracts, warranties, disclosures of agencies, and any and all relationships and/or partnerships their real estate broker and/or builder may have with all agencies involved with the home buying process. This includes, but is not limited to: home inspectors, lenders, title companies, builders’/subcontractors’ insurance carriers, products’ manufacturers, realtors, and home warranty companies.
They have the right to access records, public and private, regarding performance and complaints pertaining to their builder, subcontractors, home warranty companies, lenders, manufacturers, realtors, title companies, insurance carriers, and any other entity associated with the home building/home buying process.
They have the right to full disclosures in regard to new housing.
They have the right to a trial conducted by their peers, rather than to be forced into contractual binding arbitration.
They have the right to peace of mind concerning the safety of their family.

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