Code Compliance: Many houses do not meet building code. Often they not not even come close to meeting it. This type of inspection will report on items that do not meet the current building code.
 The Building code for this Texas is the International Residential Code for the year 2000 and the National Electric Code.
 The City of Houston, Bellaire, Tomball, etc. has used some old outdated standards that they modified to fit internal uses. The local codes should always me more stringent than the national model code.
 Local builders and remodeling companies try to get variances that attempt to step around model code compliances.
 Our special code services will help determine if a property is to code.
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IM003437.JPG (603359 bytes) IM003440.JPG (560746 bytes) There are just a few code violations on a single property. There are thousands of other photos available from different inspections all around the Greater Houston area. Some violations are very unacceptable due to a lack of common maintenance and repair property inspections on a regular basis. 

A very dangerous non-standard set of stairs leading to an attic.

How to Obtain a Building Permit

Before you begin construction, obtain a building permit; without one, you could be subject to heavy fines.
1.  Obtain a house plan, including several copies with the architect's seal, for submission to the municipality. If you are building an addition, obtain or draw a plan of the addition or change to the house.
2.  Get a building permit application from the municipal building department.
3.  Fill out the main section of the application, providing requested information.
4.  Have your electrician and plumber fill out their relevant sections.
5.  Submit the completed application with copies of the house plans and a survey of the lot. Include payment of the appropriate fee.
6.  Submit any other items required by the municipality, such as a septic design, if needed.
You should file your application significantly in advance of your scheduled construction start date, just in case any complications develop (such as needing to submit additional information).
Check out Permit Place (see Related Sites) when you need a building permit. It has links to 2500 jurisdictions, advice and free online building permit applications to many of the jurisdictions.
Many suburban towns have part-time building departments. Avoid any hitches in your construction schedule by knowing their hours and planning accordingly.


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