• Security Review Information: Much of this information is given as as a public service.  

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  • A Free Home Security Inspection Checklist

    The following checklist will help you determine how secure your home is against being burglarized. Each negative response indicates your home could be at risk. This is by no means an absolute indicator. This checklist is designed to assist you in securing your home against a possible burglary.

    Front of the house

    Is shrubbery trimmed for visibility?

    Are address numbers a minimum of 4 inches in height?

    Are address numbers concealed from view from the street?

    Are all exterior doors of metal or solid wood construction?

    Are all door frames strong enough and tight enough to prevent forcing or spreading?

    Are there windows in doors or within 40 inches of locks?

    Are all door locks adequate and in good working order?

    Are strike plates secured with 2-1/2 to 3 inch screws?

    Is there a wide angle viewer on the front door?

    Are all screen or storm doors secured with adequate locks?

    Are all entrances well-lighted with at least a 60-watt light bulb?

    Can the front entrance be observed from the street?

    Side or Rear Entrance

    Are doors concealed from the street or neighbor's view?

    If door is sliding glass, is the sliding panel secured from being lifted out of the track?

    Is a "charlie bar" or key-operated lock used on sliding door?


    Do all windows have adequate locks in operating condition?

    Do all windows have screens or storm windows that lock from inside?

    Can your front windows be seen from the street?

    Is exterior adequately lighted at all window areas?

    Garage Doors and Windows

    Is the automobile-entrance door to the garage equipped with an adequate locking device?

    Is the garage door kept closed and locked at all times?

    Is the outside utility door to the garage secured, as required, for any ground-floor entrance?

    Are all garage windows secured adequately?

    Are all garage entrances well-lighted on the outside by at least a 60-watt light bulb?

    Does the door from the garage to inside the house have adequate locks?

    Basement Doors and Windows

    Is there a door leading from the outside to the basement?

    If so, is that door adequately secured like an exterior door?

    Is outside basement door concealed from the street or neighbors?

    Are all basement windows adequately secured against entrance?

    Are all doors to living quarters from garage and basement of metal or solid wood construction?

    Are door hinges protected from removal from the outside?

    Inside the House

    Are timers used to simulate normal activities in the house?

    Have you engraved or photographed your personal property for easy identification?

    Is the circuit box locked or secured?


    Are all gate hasps 40 inches below the top of the gate and secured by through-bolts with rounded edges and secured with high-security padlocks?

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Locks keep your family safe from intruders, but you need a different kind of lock to keep your home safe from high energy bills�a series of locks that keeps the outside air from seeping in and the inside air from creeping out.


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