(§5.008, Texas Property Code)

 Printed by the Texas Association of REALTORS

To be completed by the Seller


Section 5.008 of the Texas Property Code (the “Code”) requires a seller of residential property of not more than one dwelling unit to deliver a Seller's Disclosure Notice completed to the best of the seller's belief and knowledge to a purchaser on or before the effective due of a contract for the sale of the property. If a contract is entered into without the seller providing the notice, the buyer may terminate the contract for any reason within seven (7) days after receiving the notice. This form complies with and contains additional disclosures which exceed the minimum disclosures required by the Code.


CONCERNING THE PROPERTY AT___________. (Street Address and City)




Seller __ is __ is not occupying the Property. If unoccupied (by Seller), how long since Seller has occupied the Property? _______


1. The Property has the items below: (Mark Yes (Y), No (N), or Unknown (U): Note. ‑ This notice does not establish which of the items are to be conveyed in a sale of the property. The terms of an earnest money contract will determine which items and to be conveyed.



Y N U Attic Fan(s)

Y N U French Drain

Y N U Pool Maintenance Accessories

Y N U Automatic Lawn Sprinkler

Y N U Gas Fixtures

Y N U Pool Heater

Y N U Cable TV Wiring

Y N U Gas Lines (Nat/LP)

Y N U Public Sewer System

Y N U Ceiling Fan(s)

Y N U Hot Tub

Y N U Rain Gutters

Y N U Dishwasher

Y N U Intercom System

Y N U Range

Y N U Disposal

Y N U Microwave

Y N U Sauna

Y N U Evaporative Cooler

Y N U Outdoor Grill

Y N U Septic System

Y N U Exhaust Fan(s)

Y N U Oven

Y N U Spa

Y N U Fences

Y N U Patio/Decking

Y N U Trash Compactor

Y N U Fire Detection Equipment

Y N U Plumbing System

Y N U TV Antenna

Y N U Fireplace(s) & Chimney: Wood burning

Y N U Fireplace(s) & Chimney: Mock

Y N U Pool

Y N U Wall/Window A/C Units

Y N U Pool Equipment

Y N U Washer/Dryer Hookups

Y N U Window Screens


Y N U Central A/C----- If yes: __ Electric __ Gas Number of Units: ____

Y N U Central Heat If yes: __ Electric  ___ Gas ___ Solar Number of Units: ____

Y N U Carport If yes: __Attached __Not Attached

Y N U Garage If yes: __ Attached  __ Not Attached

Y N U Garage Door Opener If yes: Number of Units: ____ Number of Controls: ___

Y N U Satellite Dish and Controls If yes: ___ Owned ___ Leased from _____

Y N U Security System If yes: ___ Owned ___ Leased from: ____

Y N U Water Heater If yes: ­­­____ Gas ___ Electric ___ Solar ___ Other

Y N U Water Softener: If yes: ___ Owned ___ Leased from   ______


Y N U Water supply provided by: __ city   __ Well __ MUD  __ Co‑Op __ Other __ Unknown

Was the dwelling built before 1978? __ Yes __ No __ Unknown

Roof Type: _______________Age: (approx)________

Is there an overlay roof covering (shingles or roof covering placed over existing shingles or roof covering) __Yes __No __Unknown


Are you (Seller) aware of any of the items in Section 1 that are not in working condition? that have known defects, or that are in need of repair? __ Yes (if you are aware) __No (if you are not aware). If yes, then describe (attach additional sheets if necessary):


2. Are you (Seller) aware of any known defects / malfunctions In any of the following? (Mark Yes (Y) if you are aware~ mark No (N) If you are not aware).


Y N Basement

Y N Ceilings

Y N Doors

Y N Driveways

Y N   Electrical Systems

Y N  Other Structural Components (Describe):

Y N  Exterior Walls

Y N Plumbing / Sewers / Septics

Y N Floors

Y N Roof

Y N Foundation/Slab(s)

Y N Sidewalks

Y N Interior Walls

Y N Walls/Fences

Y N Lighting Fixtures 

Y N Windows

If the answer to any of the items in Section 2 is yes‑ explain. (Attach additional sheets if necessary)


3. Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following conditions? [Mark Yes (Y) if you are aware, mark No (N) if you are not


Y N Aluminum Wiring

Y N Asbestos Components

Y N Diseased Trees

Y N Endangered Species/Habitat on Property

Y N Fault Lines

Y N Hazardous or Toxic Waste

Y N Improper Drainage

Y N Intermittent or Weather Springs

Y N Landfill

Y N Lead‑Based Paint or Lead‑Based Paint Hazards

Y N Located in I 00‑year Floodplain

Y N Present Flood Insurance Coverage

Y N Previous Fires

Y N Previous Flooding:  Into the Improvements Onto the Property

Y N Radon Gas

Y N Settling

Y N Soil Movement

Y N Structural Repairs:

Y N Previous Foundation Repairs

Y N Previous Roof Repairs

Y N Other Structural Repairs

Y N Subsurface Structures or pits

Y N Termites or Other Wood‑Destroying Insects:

Y N Active Infestation

Y N Previous Treatment

Y N Previous Damage Repaired

Y N Damage Needing Repair

Y N Underground Storage Tanks

Y N Unplanted Easements

Y N  Urea formaldehyde Insulation

Y N Water Penetration

Y N Wetlands on Property

Y N Wood Rot

If the answer to any of the conditions in Section 3 is yes, explain (attach additional sheets if necessary)


4. Are you (Seller) aware of any Item, equipment, or system in or on the property that is in need of repair, which his not been previously disclosed in this notice? 0 Yes (if you are aware) 0 No (if you are not aware. If yes, explain (attach additional sheets as necessary).



5. Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following? [Mark Yes (Y) if you are aware, mark No (N) if you are not aware.


__ __Room additions, structural modifications, or other alterations or repairs made without necessary permits or not in compliance with building codes in effect at that time.

___ __ Homeowner's Association or maintenance fees or assessments. If yes, complete:

 Amount of fee or assessment: S __ Mandatory M Voluntary

 Due: ___ monthly __ quarterly __ annually

            Any unpaid few or assessments for the Property. __ Yes __ No If yes, amount: ___ 

Manager's Name  ___  Phone:____

___ ___ Any "common area" (facilities such as pools, tennis courts, walkways, or other) co‑owned in undivided interest

with others. If yes complete:

 Any optional user fees for common facilities charged: __Yes __ No If yes describe:______:

__ __ Any notices of violations of deed restrictions or governmental ordinances affecting the condition or use of the Property.

__ __ Any lawsuits or other legal proceedings directly or indirectly affecting the Property. If Yes describe: Condemnation proceedings: Pending or threatened change in zoning or deed restrictions: _____________

            Others: __________

__ __ Any death on the Property except for those deaths caused by natural causes; suicide; or accident unrelated to the condition of the Property.

__  __ Any condition on the Property which materially affects the physical health or safety of an individual.

If the answer to any of the items in Section 5 is yes, explain (attach additional sheets if necessary):


6. Within the last 4 years, have you (Seller) received any written inspection reports from persons who regularly provide?

Inspections and who are either licensed as inspectors or otherwise permitted by law to perform Inspections?

___ Yes __ No. If yes, attach copies and list the following:

Date of Inspection _____ Type of Inspection ______ Name of Inspector/Company_______ Number of Pages______

Note. A buyer should not rely on the above-cited reports as a reflection of the current condition of the Property. A buyer should obtain inspections from inspectors of the buyer’s own choice.


7. Check any tax exemption(s) which you (Seller) currently claim for the Property: ___ Homestead

__ Disabled,  __ Disabled Veteran, __ Agricultural, _ other __ Unknown __ Senior Citizen


8. Have you (Seller) ever collected any insurance payments pursuant to a claim made for damage to the Property and not used the proceeds to make the repairs for which the claim was submitted? __ Yes __ No If yes, explain.




Signature of Seller Date                                                       Signature of Seller  Date


NOTICE TO PURCHASER. Listing Broker ____________, and Other Brokers__________________,  advise you that this Seller's Disclosure Notice was completed by Seller, a of the date signed. The Listing Broker and Other Broker have relied on this notice as true and correct, and have no reason to believe it to be false or incorrect. This notice is lot a warranty of any kind by Seller, Seller's Agents. or any other Agent. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO HAVE AN  INSPECTOR OF YOUR CHOICE





The undersigned purchaser hereby acknowledges receipt of the foregoing notice.


Signature of Purchaser Date                 Signature of Purchaser Data

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