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You deserve to know about a potential new home in detail before the closing. A       Diligent inspection provides Insight to the property. Call 281-480-3388       for an appointment.

How do you rate the qualifications of an inspector?

Ask a potential inspector if they can meet this comparison.

Questions Diligent Them
Do they climb on the roof of a 3/12 pitch or less where practical? Yes ?
Do they enter the crawl space of a pier and beam foundation (24" head clearance)?  Yes ?
Do they remove the electrical box face plate to check the breakers and wire type, insulation, size and conditions?  Yes ?
Do they determine and check the circuit amperages with an amp meter where appropriate?  Yes ?
Do they check for interior and exterior gas leaks with a gas meter?  Yes ?
Do they check all assessable electrical outlets where accessible with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter test probe?  Yes ?
Do they enter the attic's recesses beyond the general entry way, where practical? Yes ?
Do they check fencing?  Yes ?
Can they videotape the property for legal or record purposes? Yes ?
Do they restrict providing inspection reports to questionable real estate agents? Yes ?
Do they take many color digital photos of the property, including many of the the problem areas? Yes ?
Do they have a professional video presentation for the client that outlines the inspection process and areas of concern such as moisture damage, security and fire protection?   Yes ?
Do they measure the crack widths in failed foundations with dial calipers?   Yes ?
Do they measure the crack movement in failed foundations with crack monitors if requested?   Yes ?
Do they have information available concerning repair cost estimates. Yes ?
Do they use quality gas leak detection equipment? Yes ?
Do they document the sizes of circuit breakers? Yes ?
Do they document the HVAC system (condenser, evaporator and furnace) labels and ratings? Yes ?
Do they have computer generated narrative reports available with 24 hours of the inspection? Yes ?
Do they have a Texas Real Estate Commission issued Professional Inspector License, as opposed to a lesser apprentice or real estate inspector license? Yes ?
Do they MORE than "the minimum" as required by law? Yes ?
Do they avoid the use of "departure contracts" that limit the scope of the Texas Real Estate Commission based inspection guidelines? Yes ?
Do they avoid entangling alliances with franchise inspection companies?   Yes ?
Do they have links to the community such as being a volunteer to an organization such as the "Habitat for Humanity" group? Yes ?
Do they avoid entangling alliances with real estate agents, brokers, builders, exterminators etc? Yes ?
Do they avoid marketing to real estate agents, brokers, builders, exterminators, security companies etc? Yes ?
Do they avoid kickbacks form real estate agents, brokers, builders, exterminators etc? Yes ?

If they can great. 

If they can't then well you may not be getting the inspection you want.

Our prices are very competitive with our major competitors.  Then tell us you saw us on the Internet at, and save an additional $10 on the cost of your home inspection.

If other inspectors can state yes to these questions then they are obviously interested in the welfare of their clients. At Diligent Home Inspections, thoroughness, impartiality, customer service and code compliance issues are the standards of daily operation.

Copyright � 1999-2000 Erle Rawlins III

The purpose of this interview guide above is to assist the consumer in determining the expertise and competence of the home inspector prior to engaging that inspector's services. While most inspectors properly perform their services pursuant to industry standards, or in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate state agency licensing or regulating home inspectors, uninformed consumers may be unaware of the history, experience or basic business philosophy of individual inspectors.

More Questions Diligent Answers
How long have you been inspecting residential properties? Since 1967 (with 25 years in engineering)
What other licenses do you presently hold? None, I might get others, including a real estate sales license. 
How many inspections do you typically conduct on an average day of inspecting 2 max a day. Usually only one a day.
How lengthy is your report? 9 to 17 pages.  The more problems the more pages. Photos are added to each report in e-book format.
Do you carry Errors and Omission insurance for the properties you inspect? No, Sometimes E&O insurance attracts scam artists seeking big settlements that are not warranted by normal practice. Potential clients who are "sue happy" are not welcome to call me.
Who do you represent in an inspection and how do you deal with people you don't represent who may object to your inspection findings? The client is almost always the buyer. I represent the facts to the Client. I try to treat every one professionally even the unethical agents who sometimes try to run the inspection. I remind them that I represent facts not people interests and never those of real estate agents or builders.
What typical mistakes do you feel home buyers make when having properties inspected or selecting inspectors? They use someone with the lowest price. There is a reason why the cheap inspector is the lowest. You get what you pay for, you don't get what you don't pay for. Quality rarely comes in as the lowest bidder.
What are you prohibited by policy or regulation from inspecting or commenting on in a typical home inspection? Termites. It requires a different license. The people who check for them come from the pest control industry. I don't want to apply pesticides as a technician just to inspect for wood destroying insects. Inspecting for termites is not that difficult and if I see them I will tell you about them, but I can not provide a report for you.
If you were buying a property that was at least 20 years old, what inspections would you personally require as the buyer based on your own experience? Older properties are generally problematic. The older they are, the more I charge because the inspection takes longer to locate and document every problem. It is smart to have the gas lines checked, a check for mold and lead paint, asbestos and of course wood damage due to moisture and insect damage. Flood damage is more probable in this area. Repairs might cover past damage.
How do you feel about lender required repairs in connection with your inspection process? Most repairs should be done out of a need to address safety issues. I however don't repair anything nor do or recommend any repair person.
Are you willing to re-inspect the property being purchased after revealed deficiencies have been repaired and, if so, what fee would you charge for the re-inspection process? Yes, Call for details.
Are you willing to provide a list of past customers who have used your inspection services? I have done that in the past, however I consider them to be confidential. I respect their privacy so should you. 
When will you furnish a written inspection report and what form will that report take? Within 24 hours by fax, the full report with photos is mailed within 24 hours of the inspection.
Will you provide repair estimates for deficient items revealed as a result of your inspection? I can provide guidelines. Firm bids from 3 sources per discipline is suggested.
Will you recommend that specific inspection "experts" be engaged in the event you feel that the possible condition of certain inspected items may be beyond your professional expertise? Yes, There are a few I can recommend for special problems that might arise in very special cases. I hesitate to recommend anyone whose work I do not know personally. The list is very short.
Please provide three reasons why your services as a home inspector provide the buyer with greater value than other inspectors may. 1. Unbiased untainted honesty,

2. absolute professionalism and integrity

3. fairly priced for a very thorough job.

What should a home buyer be careful about when choosing a home inspector? Using inspectors who are have quickie inspections, and alliances with real estate agents, brokers and builders.
If a real estate licensee has ever been upset with you because of your inspection, what caused that licensee to be so upset? I would NOT misrepresent the facts so that they could make a deal and thus their commission. It is not uncommon for some agents to misrepresent the facts.
How do you interpret the role of the real estate licensee in the property inspection process? Mostly they try to interfere with the process and the interpretation. I try to treat everyone fairly including the agents and brokers. Some can make the process difficult if they insist on interjecting personal subjective opinions.
Have you ever been requested by real estate licensees to limit or minimize your inspection findings and, if so, how did you respond to those requests? Yes. There are far too many unethical real estate agents in the business and I do not market my services to any unethical agents, brokers or builders. Many agents do not work in the interests of the buyer in the traditional agency arrangement. "Exclusive Buyer's Agency" is the only viable avenue for many buyers. 
Have you ever had a mortgage broker or appraiser attend your inspections and, if not, are there any reasons you would object to their being there to hear you report your findings? None have attended. It is important to note that they are not my client. I don't serve the interests of non-clients. The purpose of an inspection is to make observations for the buyer.
Do you have any objections to real estate licensees, or anyone else, being present when you conduct your inspections? Real estate agents can and do attend, however many are a major pain and do not serve the buyer's interests, thus they may try to divert attention away from problem areas. 
If a home buyer elects not to use your home inspection services, who else would you recommend for that purpose and why? Members of the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors who have an advanced, engineering or certified standing.
 Diligent Inspections represents the interests of families purchasing homes. You need to have your property inspected before closing to safeguard your interests. The inspection report and review give you a change to have your "eyes open" in relation to the property conditions. Call (281) 480-3388  now to set up an appointment.
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