There is a Newly produced Diligent DVD. It deals with Energy Savings, Water Damage, Home Security, Child Safety, Fire Safety and other issues important to many home owners.   It can be played on a portable DVD player during the inspection. The 5 basic presentations last over 1 1/2 hours. Some clients like to watch the DVD during the inspection while I am busy with exploring the property. There is ample information and entertainment on the DVD to keep you interested.


There is a Newly produced 12 page Diligent checklist free to clients.  It deals with room sizes and some features that are related to square foot age of areas in specific areas. It is given to each new customer.

 There is also another Newly produced 98 page Diligent property documentation form that lets the homeowner details many aspects that are not necessarily contained in the inspection report. It is sold to interested customers.

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