If you are like most home buyers, you want to thoroughly know the condition of a house before you buy it. When one considers the cost of a house in Houston area today, it is critical to know if there are additional expenses that should be anticipated. Are the mechanical systems and structural components in working order? Are they in general conformance with current technology or are they so antiquated that they no longer truly "work" with a modern lifestyle? And, the worst fear, is there severe damage that is going to cost lots of money to fix.

    Answering these questions is precisely the job of a professional Home Inspector during a complete visual examination of the property. A qualified Home Inspector, through specific training and experience, understands not only how a home's systems and components should work, but also how they interact with each other and how they stand the test of time.

    Let me summarize this way: Most home inspectors are generalists. The job of the home inspector is to overview, without disassembly, destructive testing or probing into concealed areas, all of the normal systems of the house in one inspection and, for one relatively small fee, report on the general condition of the building and its systems. A Home Inspection does not, typically, include an examination of private water or sewage disposal systems, spas, hot tubs and pools, saunas, telephone equipment, television systems, central vacuum systems, burglar alarms, intercoms, appliances or non-permanent heating and cooling equipment such as window air conditioners and swamp coolers. An inspection does include the following systems: SITE DRAINAGE and DECKS, ROOFING, FOUNDATION- SEISMIC & STRUCTURAL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, HEATING, ATTIC, FIRE &SAFETY, WINDOWS AND DOORS, INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR FINISHES. A typical inspection takes about three hours.

    The inspector should be able to recognize visible symptoms of a problem with any normal system of the house and record that information understandably in a written report and recommend to you how to correct it or steer you to the appropriate specialist for repair or further information if full analysis is beyond his purview. It makes a lot more sense than calling in a dozen specialists at prohibitive fees, that could only examine their specific area of expertise.

Inspections on homes is a relatively new service that has become standard practice in only the last 8 to 10 years. Prior to the existence and use of home inspectors, most home inspection services were provided in a minimal way by contractors in specific fields, such as air conditioning contractors, plumbers, electricians, and general contractors. The problem with having inspections performed by such contractors was that they were not in the normal business of providing documentation as to the condition of an asset. In many cases, a foundation, roof, or mechanical system may, in fact, function and may not require significant repair but may be in a poor condition or display a need for increased maintenance that is not reflected in the information provided by a specific trade inspection. In addition, there is a significant benefit to hiring a single individual who can provide information on many different systems. As a result of this need, property inspection professionals began providing inspection services. In the state of Texas, many  home inspection services are performed by professional inspectors licensed under the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

    I hope this information is helpful. Thank you again for your interest. I look forward to being of service. Please call me if you wish to schedule your inspection or discuss any further details.

    I serve home buyers and sellers... anyone who wants to enable full disclosure of the condition of a property in order to reduce exposure to unknown risks.

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