Mission Statement:
The intent of our home inspection is to provide our clients with beneficial insight and understanding so that they can make knowledgeable decisions.

"I am always willing to help. A being is only valuable as he can serve others". ...Hubbard

Diligence is about helping people understand and preserve their home and their investment in it as well as how to protect themselves, their loved ones and guests from hazards that may exist therein. I built this information-service business out of thin air, a passionate vision, and years of paying-my-dues effort.

You deserve to know about a potential new home in detail before the closing. A Diligent inspection provides Insight to the property. Call 281-480-3388 for an appointment.

Diligent Inspections is dedicated to our clients. The quality professional work features personal consultation and rapid delivery of the narrative report at a very reasonable cost. I promise courtesy and respect for the seller and buyer , who benefits from our qualitative reporting system that delivers thorough, objective, and accurate information in a timely fashion.  For the mutual benefit of home buyers,  I am dedicated to providing state-of-the-art home inspection services that will educate the customer and promote a long term business relationship. Diligent has always insisted on providing quality home inspections to the highest recognized standards set forth by the industry.  My standard of excellence guarantees a quality inspection by a trained and qualified inspector.

I support the National Institute of Building Inspector's Code of Ethics as listed below. National Institute of Building Inspectors Logo

1. Institute members will always conduct their inspections in a professional manner with full respect for the property being inspected. They will never perform any destructive testing.

2. Institute members will never misinform their clients with regard to the scope of an inspection. They will always strive to inform clients that an inspection is not an exhaustive engineering or design study, but an evaluation of the overall condition of the property's major mechanical and structural elements.

3. Institute members will never pass judgment on the value of a property nor recommend the purchase of a property. Members should only provide objective opinion on the physical condition of the property.

4. Institute members will adhere to the Institute's continuing educational requirements.

5. Institute members will maintain professional liability insurance coverage in an amount established by the institute to provide increased protection for their clients.

6. Institute members will only perform inspections on properties in which they have no interest, present or contemplated.

7. Institute members will not act or perform in a manner which might bring discredit to the Institutes or its members.

Plus the following 12 rules related to ethics that add to and supplement the following rules.

1 Members of the Association must conduct them selves in a professional manner at all times.

2 Members should always strive to maintain and improve professional standards in the field of  Inspection and be willing to assist the Association to that end.

3 Members of the Association should help to maintain a public awareness that the profession is treating all parties involved with and affected by an Inspection fairly and impartially.

4 Members must recognize the responsibilities he or she has to the public, the profession, their employer, and all parties having an interest in an Inspection.

5 Members should make certain they had access to all pertinent facts that are reasonably available before making any suggestions or drawing any conclusions in the course of an Inspection.

6 Members should never be involved in an Inspection where any direct or indirect conflict of interest may be cause for concern about the objectivity of the final report.

7 Members will not falsely report or purposely misinterpret any information relating to an Inspection.

8 Members should never allow a client to direct the outcome of a report or influence the information contained in a report.

9 Members should be familiar with all State and Federal laws that may apply to the Inspection being conducted.

10 Members should be certain that their client or employer fully understands all the information presented in the final report and that any suggestions or conclusions are carefully explained to their full satisfaction.

11 Members should give Independent, honest and objective opinions of any reports or information supplied to them in the course of an Inspection, regardless of the source.

12 Members should maintain their professional competence in the Inspection field through continuous educational study.

Basic Shared Values

  1. A belief in being the ”Best” one can be. (Personal Best)
  2. A belief in the importance of the details of the details of operation, the nuts and bolts of doing the job well.
  3. A belief in the importance of people as individuals.
  4. A belief in superior quality and service.
  5. A belief that many of the members are innovators, and its corollary, the willingness to support failure as a part of the design process.
  6. A belief in the importance of informality to enhance communication.
  7. Explicit belief in and recognition of the importance of economic growth and profits.

Characteristics of Shared values

  1. Safety
  2. Quality / Reliability
  3. Leadership
  4. Participation
  5. Effectiveness
  6. Quality of Work life
  7. Productivity / Effectiveness
  8. Innovation
  9. Dynamics
  10. Sound  risk / reward ratios

 The Values Test

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it Benefit to all concerned?
  4. Is it 100% LEGAL and 100% Ethical?
  5. Does it promote Justice and equity?
  6. Is it worth the Cost, in TIME, ENERGY and MONEY?
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