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These PDF files are all copy rights reserved and password protected. Many hours of research, writing and editing went into each of them. One file named Home Owners is a compiled ebook that is free to paying Clients, but is also  for sale to the public.

Another file named "Report Support" is free to  paying clients but is NOT available to the public. 

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It would take too long to download most of the files, since many are well over 1 to 8 megabytes in size.

Inspection Collection $1,000.00  
Air Quality-Guide $25.00  
Appliances -An overview on inbuilt systems $35.00  
Appliances- Dryer Vents $10.00  
Appliances-bathroom vents $10.00  
Appliances-Bathroom-heaters $10.00  
Appliances-Cook tops $10.00  
Appliances-Dishwashers $15.00  
Appliances-Door Bells $10.00  
Appliances-Food Waste $10.00  
Appliances-Garage Door Openers $10.00  
Appliances-Ovens $10.00  
Appliances-Range Hoods $10.00  
Appliances-Ranges $10.00  
Appliances-Trash compactor $10.00  
Appliances-Whole House Vacuum Systems $10.00  
Contractor - Builder Relations $100.00  
Customer-Support-long (598 pages of meaty info) $350.00  
Electric  An overview on inbuilt systems $35.00  
Electric Branch Wiring $25.00  
Electric Breaker Boxes $25.00  
Electric Grounding $15.00  
Electric Low Voltage $35.00  
Energy Savings $25.00  
Environmental (An overview on many issues $35.00  
Home Owners (a compiled ebook) $25.00  
HVAC 9 An overview on standard systems $35.00  
HVAC Cooling $25.00  
HVAC Ducts $10.00  
HVAC Heating $25.00  
HVAC Thermostats $10.00  
Mold $100.00  
Optional 9 An overview 7 optional items $35.00  
Optional Fire Protectoion $35.00  
Optional Septic $50.00  
Optional Swimming Pools $80.00  
Optional Gas Lines $15.00  
Optional Lawn Sprinklers $10.00  
Optional Out Door Cooking Equipment $10.00  
Optional Outbuilding $20.00  
Optional Security $20.00  
optional Water-Wells $50.00  
Pests An overview on insects $35.00  
Plumbing An overview on piping systems $35.00  
Plumbing Vents $20.00  
Plumbing-Drains $25.00  
Plumbing-Hot water $25.00  
Plumbing-Hydro-therapy tubs $25.00  
Plumbing-Supply $30.00  
Report-Addendum $50.00  
Report-Guide $100.00  
Report-Guide-Extended $200.00  
Report-Guide-Long $300.00  
Report Support (for customers only) $0.00  
Structural An overview on structural systems $35.00  
Structural Attic Structures $20.00  
Structural Balconies $10.00  
Structural Carports $10.00  
Structural Ceilings $20.00  
Structural Chimneys $20.00  
Structural Crawlspaces $25.00  
Structural Decks $10.00  
Structural fireplaces $20.00  
Structural Foundations $25.00  
Structural Grading-Drainage $15.00  
Structural Insulation $15.00  
Structural Pre-Drywall $30.00  
Structural Porches $10.00  
Structural Roof-Covering $20.00  
Structural Slabs $35.00  
Structural Ventilation $25.00  
Structural Walls $25.00  
Home Maintenance Guide $20.00  
Real Estate Glossary  $25.00  
Inspection Checklist $35.00  
Report Writing Software  coming  
Building Science Net Links CD $35.00  

More titles are coming.

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