Qualifying the Home Inspector

Qualifications to Perform Real Estate Inspections in Texas

To perform home inspections in Texas, you must either be a licensed professional engineer or a licensed home inspector under the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). Home inspectors licensed under the TREC are licensed at three different levels, depending upon their qualifications. The only one worth mentioning is the professional level. The client may not a truly professional level of service from an apprenticed inspector.

Professional Real Estate Inspector:

  • Minimum of 12 months licensed as a real estate inspector.
  • Performed a minimum of 175 inspections as a real estate inspector under the indirect supervision of a sponsoring professional inspector.
  • Completed 38 additional classroom hours of TREC approved education.
  • You deserve to know about a potential new home in detail before the closing. Call 281-480-3388 for an appointment.

What Does it Take to Be a Good Inspector?

To be a good home inspector, one needs to have an understanding of basic construction practices and mechanical systems and basic solid mechanics. In addition to understanding how buildings are constructed and how the systems work, an inspector must have a talent for making observations which provide indications of problems or potential problems. It is not required that one have an engineering degree or have been a contractor for twenty years to be a good inspector, although the principles learned from such education and experience are exceptionally valuable. A qualified home inspector, is a generalist who knows how a home's many systems and components work together and how they stand the test of time. These skills are of little value if an inspector does not have the skills necessary to issue a quality computer generated inspection report. A good inspector has people and leadership skills to handle the problems that can arise when differing opinions arise and require resolution.  

My first home inspection was in 1967! That's when I worked with 3 uncles during the summer breaks of high school. They were general contactors that built new homes, bought and renovated old ones and did the whole construction procedures. I paid my dues also by doing the carpentry, laying asphalt and cement, building forms, handling the drainage with a shovel and a variety of heavy equipment such as front end loaders, pavers, bull dozers and graders. 
I have finished my formal education (for now) by getting a BSME degree. I did pure "pure design engineering" for 25+ years. This included engineering design, code compliance and forensic investigations and included many thousands of industrial and commercial projects. I choose not to renew a P.E. license due to the litigious politics associated with corporate "stamping" project drawings. After getting tired of the maximized profit driven corporate push and shove (whoever has the gold makes the rules mentality) I decided to become my own boss. As an active consumer advocate, I represent the interests of the general public especially related to safety concerns. Building codes were created originally to protect the consumer from faulty facilities. This extends broadly to support of the Jimmy Carter Habitat for Humanity Project. There are luckily also some really good very professional inspectors in the business. I consider myself one, but never a "king of the hill" because it's all a learning process for everyone of us. It would be a pleasure to provide a quality inspection service to you because you deserve a quality service to protect your interests.
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