Home Inspector Video Training

Home Inspection Training Class #1

Items to bring with you for the inspection
1. Bring a notepad to take notes.
2. Bring some old clothes if you want to follow the inspector around during the review.
3. Bring a still camera or video camera if you want, but this is not mandatory.
4. Bring your checkbook or cash. I, as well as most inspectors, should receive payment at the time of the inspection. I will also accept cash payment for services rendered. There is no exception to this policy.
5. Prepare to learn all about your prospective purchase.
6. Please Don’t bring your kids, pets, concerned friends or interfering relatives. You might think that they are supporting, but they usually are not very productive. The more distractions, the longer the inspection takes, and essential items might be missed if inappropriate actions and conversation are engaged.

Average Roof Cost Formula
Inspection Info
Calculating Total Roof Replacement Costs

Finding the right roof replacement cost is just as important as choosing the proper roofing materials for your home. Widely overshooting budget isn’t an option during these tough economic times. Lots of people are making every effort to make ends meet and not having enough to construct a proper roof …