You deserve to know about a potential new home in detail before the closing. A Diligent inspection provides Insight to the property. Call 281-480-3388 for an appointment.


Reason to inspect 1Minimizing Your Risks

Owning and selling a home includes risks for both sellers and buyers. Whether purchasing, selling, or continuing to stay in one's home, it has been proven time and again that knowing your risks is the best way to minimize them.  No one wants a legal battle or detrimental surprises to the checkbook. The best route to minimizing risks when owning, purchasing or selling a home is by disclosure of a property's condition through a professional home inspection.

Home inspectors are an impartial party that tells the condition of a property like it is. That's in a clients' best interest no matter which side of the transaction's fence they are sitting upon.

Reason to inspect 2A Small Price to Pay 

Having a home inspection performed is fast becoming the norm, and for excellent reasons. This is not the time to be penny wise and dollar foolish by passing up the opportunity of a home inspection. 

Consider This:  Let's take a home that is worth $250,000, and project that a home of that value and size has a home inspection fee of $298*. That is a very small amount to pay to aid in protecting your best interests, financially, and to offer safety and some peace of mind to you and your family.

Reason to inspect 3Safety & Peace of Mind

Even for those planning to stay in their homes, a professional home inspection can provide peace of mind through knowing the truth about their home's condition. Even if, and sometimes especially if, they have lived in that home for many years. People tend develop a blind eye about their own home's condition, but most often are simply are not trained to see a home's flaws, deterioration and hazards. 

Often times a home inspection discovers items that enables repairs to be done before they worsen and in the long run become far more costly to fix. A home inspection can also provide a "heads up" on situations that are ripe to develop which can also save potentially hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

All too frequently, potentially life-threatening situations are discovered by home inspectors that should be rectified immediately. 

Reason to inspect 4Quality, Expertise & Service

The expertise of a professional home inspection enables consumers to make the wisest decisions possible about their homes. Home inspectors specialize in knowing potential problem areas of homes and reporting those findings to you thoroughly and accurately is their number one goal.

Reason to inspect 5:  No Pass, No Fail
Homes being inspected do not "pass" or "fail". A home inspector merely discloses his or her findings and reports those findings to the client. Everyone involved graduates to a state of higher learning, and the client can now make better informed decisions about the purchase of a home and its future needs of upkeep and repair. There is no such thing as a perfect house. Expect to find some defects.

Reason to inspect 6:
Owning and selling a home includes risks for both sellers and buyers:

FOR SELLERS that means knowing the condition of the home they're selling, and revealing/disclosing all details accurately to avoid possible legal ramifications or loss of a sale. Legal ramifications can be a lawsuit targeted against the seller by the new owner. More and more often our courts of law are holding sellers and real estate agents accountable for not revealing the condition of a property to its new owners
--even if those parties were unaware a problem existed. 

A home inspection is an excellent additional way to document the condition your home was in by an impartial party (your inspector) at the time of sale. 

If you choose to not order an inspection up front, it is quite possible that your potential buyers will make their offer contingent upon one anyhow. In this instance you are left on the defensive and you just hoisted your potential buyer into the negotiating power seat. That translates to you being forced into lowering your asking price up to several thousand dollars. Ordering an inspection on your own puts all on the table from the start, and indicates you've reflected future repair items in your asking price before  your buyer makes an offer.

FOR BUYERS it means knowing what they're getting themselves into; a fact of home ownership is home upkeep and repair. As a buyer, you are about to embark on quite possibly the largest purchase you will ever make. You'll want to know the true condition of a home you are considering purchasing before  you commit yourself to 30 years of payments. 

Having a home inspection is a business savvy move. It can give you negotiating power on the home you've set your sights on. Sure, make an offer on that house your heart just fell in love with, but be wise and make your deal contingent on the findings of the professional home inspection being satisfactory to you. If the inspection's findings reveal costly surprises, you'll have leverage back at the bargaining table that often results in successfully negotiating the seller's asking price down thousand dollars. That type of eyes-wide-open approach and leverage has saved many a buyer thousands of dollars in unplanned expenses, countless headaches, and grueling lawsuits. 
Diligent Inspections represents the interests of families purchasing homes. You need to have your property inspected before closing to safeguard your interests. The inspection report and review give you a change to have your "eyes open" in relation to the property conditions. Call (281) 480-3388 now to set up an appointment.

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