Call (281) 480-3388 to set an appointment

Diligent Inspections will schedule and complete your property inspection to accommodate your time schedule. I am punctual and require your presence at the inspection in order to personally meet you and communicate the findings. You will get three verbal reviews on site during the inspection.
Promptness:  I know how valuable your time is.  I will schedule and complete your property inspection to accommodate your time schedule. I am punctual and require your presence at the inspection in order to personally meet you and communicate the findings. General preliminary repair bullet lists are emailed to clients approximately 24 hours after the inspection. You can print it out. A complete written report is mailed for "next day" priority delivery. Three oral reports are typically given during the inspection. The written support report also reflects many of these findings.
Professional Standards: I subscribe to and surpass the Texas September 1, 2000 TREC Standards of Practice and many Codes of Ethics. I also check to the International Residential Code 2000 which is adopted by the State of Texas as signed by the governor (Rick Perry) via [SB365]. Few inspectors quote the building code.
Expertise: The quality of a home inspection is only as good as the individual performing the inspection. Don't settle for less than the most qualified, ethical inspection possible.  Don't waste your with a lesser qualified / cheap  (nickel and dime) quickie inspector that some agents prefer. You get what you pay for and you don't get what you don't pay for. 
Regardless of the report style or format, the technical understanding , ethical standing, expertise, and thoroughness of the inspector are the essence of a comprehensive and reliable inspection report. 
The inspections reflect a thorough conceptual and practical knowledge of all aspects and systems of residential and commercial construction and maintenance. I have checked and supervised thousands of deeply technical projects, residential, commercial and industrial in scope. There have covered the structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical disciplines.

Call (281) 480-3388  to set an appointment

 Quality Personal Service  Diligent Inspections highly encourages your presence during the inspection as part of my personal service to you. My observations are communicated to you simply, clearly, and completely. Quality Personal Service is what it's really all about.  Inspections are successful when trust is tight.

Comprehensive Coverage: The Items inspected include the structure, foundations, walls, windows, insulation, attic ,drainage, roof, major appliances, plumbing, electrical systems, heating, venting and air conditioning, and more. I go beyond the Texas standards of practice in order to provide clients with a very thorough inspection. This is done to help safeguard the buyer's interests.   The client should be present at the inspection to see the problems first hand and know first hand about the extent of any needed repairs.
Saturday and Sunday Inspections are available at no extra charge.
Integrity: Diligent Inspections performs only physical property inspections. My dedicated impartiality is guaranteed to you. It is very important to maintain an Independent, unbiased evaluation that is not tainted by any special interests. I can easily maintain this impartiality. I will walk away from any hint of impropriety regardless of its source. I adhere to a code of ethics that is of the very highest caliber within the property inspection industry.
  • You deserve an Independent evaluation of the property. Al Austin is probably the only Independent inspector in this region. Call for an appointment.

    Call (281) 480-3388 to set an appointment

 Complete Independence: I am NOT associated with ANY real estate broker, agent, lawyer, builder or contractor. You need an inspection that is completely free from these diversionary special interests. I DON'T give or take kickbacks (gifts / valuable consideration) or have ANY conflicts of interests. Potential conflicts include the potential entangling allegiances to any third parties, including realtors, brokers, insurance companies, security companies, contractors and builders. I keep my ethics squeaky clean. It's that simple. You need complete trust in your inspector's impartiality and independence.

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