• No Guessing - Know the facts about your home before you move in.

  • No Worry - Once you have your home inspected by a Licensed Professional Inspector, you can relax.

  • No Surprises - Pre-inspections let you buy with confidence increased peace of mind.

But not just any inspector can give you peace of mind. Some are steeped in legal wrangling and law suits. All inspectors and inspections are definitely not alike. Diligent Inspections evaluates the condition of the home and it's components based upon the simple criteria of durability and serviceability according to current building code. The inspection report removes the guesswork for the buyers by revealing the surprises that are otherwise left to be discovered after you have moved in. This also allows you to plan for needed investments and upgrades.

Real Estate agents can provide home owners insurance policy information on homes that qualify for coverage. We protect the relationship to the client by providing the homebuyer a follow up or secondary inspection at a reduced rate after repairs are performed. 

I am also available for on-going construction inspections, progress or "draw" inspections for lenders and construction monitoring or facilitation. This service is not only valuable for ensuring the vision of absentee owners during construction projects but can be especially helpful for "owner-builders" too.


My inspection is not a rush job. I allow 3-4 hours for the inspection plus extra quality time for the client walkthrough on the property at the conclusion of the inspection. Some Houston inspectors only take 45 minutes regardless of the size of the house. This speedy inspection allows them to make many inspection in a daily period thus increasing their profits. It is unrealistic that the quickly inspection they do can be of much value. For example some check only 50% of the electrical outlets, others check only 10%. I check 90 to 100 percent of them. Sometimes an outlet is blocked or damaged.


The systems or components listed below are evaluated during every full service home inspection.

Topography, Landscaping, Fencing, Driveway, Walkways, Patios/Deck, Roof, Exterior Structure, Foundation, Interior Rooms, Stairways, Walls, Ceiling, Floors, Attic, Basement, Insulation, Water Heater, Garage/Carport, Plumbing System, Heating System, Cooling System, Electrical System, Windows, Doors, etc.


At the 4 SPECIFIC INTERVALS of the inspection you will get to spend quality time WITH THE INSPECTOR AND ARE FREE TO familiarizing yourself with the components the house BETWEEN THE INTERVAL PERIODS. Often the clients walk every step of the inspection to see what and how it is inspected. Seeing is believing for some clients. If there is a problem like a plumbing leak or bad wiring I want you to see it for your self.


The computerized reporting system points out the challenges, problems and code violations as well as the general condition of the property. 


I understand how important fast service is in your transaction so we deliver the reports via the internet within 24 hours. Priority mail delivery is also provided.

Properties Not Inspected

I will not inspect "manufactured housing" (trailers / mobile homes) due to the fact that most are very poorly constructed and horribly placed on a lot with substandard structures, plumbing and wiring. If the buyers can't afford normal housing they probably can't afford a quality inspection. I am also very hesitant to inspect some HUD properties / Section 7 Housing. Although there are some houses with fewer problems, many have damage due to the previous occupants. I will hesitate to inspect Section 7 housing due to the very poor condition of some structures. Generally there is a very good reason why they are designated as such. They usually are in horrible shape and often are very distressed properties needing  massive repairs. A word to the wise is sufficient. To the homeless, however these properties may appear to be sufficient, in that they may be better than the shelters or a concrete pillow.


You deserve to know about a potential new home in detail before the closing. A Diligent inspection provides Insight to the property. Call 281-480-3388 for an appointment.

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