A Dligent inspection provides Insight to the property. Call 281-480-3388 for an appointment.

You want to know what you are getting for your hard earned money.  Home Inspections are a good way for homebuyers to determine the condition of the homes they are buying. You need to see the property with your eyes open.

A real estate agent can NOT determine for you the condition of the property. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION, OR EXPERIENCE to evaluate any property. It is your responsibility as a buyer to ascertain the condition of the property. A licensed professional inspector is best qualified to make an unbiased and objective evaluation of the functionality of an item or if it is in need of repair. All real estate contracts provide for an opportunity for the buyer to have the property to be inspected. The "right to terminate clause" in your contract may dictate that the inspection take place early in the negotiation process.

Seller's Inspections:
  • If you are a home owner planning to sell your home, you can benefit by a home inspection to identify problems and learn preventative measures which might avoid costly future repairs. Before putting your home on the market, plan a home inspection and know beforehand what repairs will put your home in better selling condition. A home inspection also points out the positive aspects of a home. 
  • Many times inspections result in information which is unexpected or significant and must be dealt with before closing on a home can occur. With the short-term contracts and busy atmosphere of the summer marketing season, a red flag as a result of an inspection which requires repair of a significant item or further investigation to determine the scope of a potential problem can cause a seller to loose a sale and a potential purchaser to possibly loose a good deal.
  • One possible and realistic alternative to help reduce the potential for such a problem is for sellers to have their homes inspected prior to placing them on the market. In this way, a seller can determine what items might be included in a typical cursory home inspection, and this allows the seller to determine if any significant defects exist which might affect the salability of the house. Many times inspectors find problems such as evidence of structural damage or water penetration which cannot be properly evaluated during a cursory inspection. If known by a seller prior to listing the home for sale, any such concerns can be further investigated for proper repair or at least disclosed to a potential purchaser to reduce the potential for a delay during the sale process. This information also provides great insight during considerations regarding the market value of a home.
  • Seller's marketing inspections can also be a plus for a potential purchaser of a home. As a purchaser of a home, it is always wise to request copies of old reports on a home being considered for purchase. If pre sale inspections are available and are sufficiently recent, they can provide good information as to the condition and performance of the building’s foundation, roof, structure, and mechanical equipment. Having this information available before the start of negotiations help the potential purchaser to properly assess whether the condition of the home is acceptable and what sort of offer is reasonable. This saves time and aggravation which might be caused by surprises during the purchaser’s inspections.


The seller's inspections are not take the place of the purchasers having their own inspection performed. 

  The seller has a very different scope and purpose than a prospective purchaser.
  The seller is trying to improve the condition of the house to make it most attractive for sale.
  It is also a good idea to have areas of concern reviewed by a purchaser’s inspector even if repairs are made to determine the quality and adequacy of repairs
  No relationship exists between the purchaser and the inspector who performed the pre marketing inspection who could not be aware of the needs of all prospective purchasers.
  The prospective purchaser should select an inspector who meets their needs with respect to the inspector’s qualifications and experience.
  How current is the information provided by a seller? Foundation performance information and information regarding some mechanical equipment may change drastically in a short period of time.

The Benefits Of A Diligent Inspection:

The Buyer benefits by being made aware of unforeseen major conditions or defects that could lead to unexpected, additional costs.
The Seller benefits from a Diligent inspection by knowing in advance (before the house is put on the marker), conditions or defects, which could delay or jeopardize successful completion of sale. A seller's marketing inspection can be of value to both the buyer and seller of a property if represented and used properly. The information provides a significant deterrent to problems which could derail a contract due to unknown and unforeseen problems; however, even though this information can be useful to a purchaser, it should never be considered a substitute for a pre purchase inspection provided by a licensed home inspector or engineer.

Providing the answers that you need and the service that you deserve:

Whether you are purchasing or selling a property you should be aware of its overall condition.  On the surface a home may appear to be in good shape, but upon closer evaluation significant defects and safety concerns may become apparent.

In addition to the presence of specific deficiencies and hazards,  major systems and components of the home, such as the roof covering and air conditioning system, may be aging and in need of maintenance or complete replacement.

Diligent Home Inspectors licensed and certified inspectors are experienced in evaluation of new and older properties and are able to present to our clients important information so that they are aware of the overall condition of the home and its inspected major systems and components.

Inspection services include complete new and existing home inspections,  evaluation of individual systems and components (such as structural, electrical, plumbing, and roof), and maintenance assessments.

New home inspections are just as important as an inspection of an existing older property.  Significant structural deficiencies and safety concerns, along with many less significant but important and potentially costly deficiencies,  are often encountered during new home inspections.  Inspections should take place after an occupancy permit has been issued and electrical power, water supply, gas supply, etc., and equipment is activated, but before the closing so that any deficiencies can be brought to the attention of the builder and remedied prior to transfer of the property.

Often home builders "warranty" a house for a period of one year.  Therefore it is prudent to have a complete home inspection performed shortly before the "warranty" expires so that covered defects and deficiencies can be brought to the attention of the builder for remedy, rather than be a future expense for the homeowner.

Our comprehensive “Standard Home Inspection” covers the Structure - Electrical service and equipment - Roof covering and flashings - Attic spaces - Foundation - Crawlspaces (additional fee) - Central Heating and Air Conditioning - Plumbing - Swimming Pool, including standard equipment - Lawn sprinkler systems - Built-in kitchen appliances, and more.  

Our “Standard Home Inspection” service is very affordable.  

We inform our clients of our inspection observations by providing an on-site review at the end of the inspection and providing a comprehensive and easy to read report.  Inspection reports are completed after the inspection at our office.  We do not hand our clients hastily prepared on-site reports.   

Service Highlights
> Inspections 6 days a week, for your convenience.

> Evaluation of the home for defects, consequential flaws and safety hazards.

> All home inspections performed by Al Austin, the owner of the company.

> On-site review of the home’s condition at the end of the inspection.

> Written reports that are detailed, easy to understand, and include photographs.

> Reports are posted on our web site within 24 hours, and can be also mailed, and can be faxed or e-mailed.

> Maintenance tips, useful-life expectancies of home components, and other helpful information.

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